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famous singer Inna

Inna is a singer/songwriter from Ukraine. She has been on Ukraine television and is a verified artist on Spotify.

Broadcastme talent agency is lucky to work with such a talented person working with us.

we believe Inna will be a global superstar, and we will support her along the way.

Tier 1

Tier ONE includes: Social media growth plus help with broadcasting growth, so you can earn the most out of broadcasting. signing up with email we are also giving you 10 easy steps to becoming social media influencer ebook to help you with your broadcasting journey.


Model freedom

we are a tango broadcasting agency base online with all a model's we will help you grow to your full potential, so you will be a top class broadcaster. 

The entirety of our clients have the opportunity to work When they need, no agreement, Nothing is keeping you down, You can work with other agency .

 You can work with different agencies and still work with us. it's just when you leave us we will simply stop supporting your social media development. 

It doesn't make a difference if you're working with live me application or bigo application simply follow their terms on leaving.

unlike live me and bigo agency's there is no minimum hours to broadcast, you don't have to broadcast 30 hours per week. model's that work with us leverage the no contract to broadcast for us and other apps.

No fees to get your account back, we will try a best to resolve the issue, we promote all model's free. 

The amount you can earn : 400-30,000 USD every month.

how to apply to become tango broadcaster there is no agency online application you will need to install tango from the website by signing up with email we can help you more.

we accept worldwide talent.  


cash out directly from a panter with there makrteing team looking to take care of you.How much you can earn : 400-30,000 USD per month.

Tier 2 

Tier TWO includes: you will be taken direct to the app, you won't get no social media help. When signing up direct, you need to install the app and sign up.

Automatically adding you to the agency.

You need to install the Tango application and wait in till it is install, then create a profile, Start broadcasting to activat joining broadcastme talent agency.

 If you don't follow them steps we wont know if you have joined.  


Most talent agency want to put you in Movies,TV and Theater we live in the digital age where you can work in media in the comfort of your own home.

broadcasting is an online entertainment that is slowly growing. Today Influencers are the new TV Stars.

Broadcasting give's you that opportunity to help the growth of your fan base as a digital content creator, talk to your fans on a more personal level while at the same time being paid.

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Broadcastme talent agency
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Your Questions Answered

Where can i broadcast live for free?

You can broadcast with broadcastme talent partner  it is 100% free to download in the google play store and apple store.

Can i sign up on a computer?

You can only sign up on a mobile phone, if your on a computer you need to come back to website on mobile.

Am i eligible to join the agency if i had a tango account?

You are not eligible to join Broadcastme talent agency if you  had a tango account.

How do i live stream from iPhone?

You can download tango app directly from the website it will take you to the apple store download page.

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